What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication adds a second layer of security to your account to ensure that your account stays safe, even if someone else knows your password. This will mean that, for certain services, including Microsoft Outlook, Teams, etc. you will be prompted to provide more information in order to authenticate your identity as a Stellenbosch University student or staff member.

What are the benefits of MFA?

  • MFA improves the University's security by adding another layer an intruder would have to penetrate.
  • MFA protects your University identity by ensuring no one else can act on your behalf even if your password has been compromised.
  • MFA safeguards you against security attacks.
  • With implementing MFA your information is protected which is one of the ways to increase the University's reputation and trustworthiness.

Which authentication method is recommended?

There are various authentication methods, but IT recommends the Microsoft Authenticator application which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android devices) and the App Store (Apple devices).

To change your change default authentication method, follow the instructions in the MFA guide.

Please click here to find a helpful guide on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

For first time registration please click the link below:

MFA for First years

Guides to enroll for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA with Google Auth app - How to guide.pdf