Things to know before you connect to the Wi-Fi or LAN

    • Eduroam is our default Wi-Fi network
    • If your password has changed since your last login to Eduroam, you will receive a message: Can’t Connect to this network when you try to connect again to Eduroam. Right click on Eduroam SSID and select forget. If you try again to connect to Eduroam you will be prompted to type in your username and password before you can connect.
    • RegisterMe!:
      • This is necessary for staff and students to connect to RegisterMe! on an annual basis. Once you've completed all the steps you will need to connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi (SSID)
      • You can register your devices with the following guides:
      • This applies to LAN registrations in residence as well for students. (Annually)
      • Make sure your password has not expired,  If the password had expired, please update password and select "forgot password"
      • Please make use of our FAQ section if you experience issues.

   If you are unable to logon to Wi-Fi and need assistance, click here to log a Service Request